Dance Again

The new instrumental album from Mark Young and David Ives

If you like acoustic instrumental music with a little taste of Jazz, then this CD is for you. David and Mark have spent most of 2012 year recording this project. These 11 original compositions (plus one bonus track) feature interweaving acoustic guitar and piano melody lines and improvisations creating a lush texture which, more than being "background music" demands the listener's attention. 

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David and Mark, I listened to your CD. I listened with Emily while we were driving. We both agreed: it is sweet sweet music. This is what I would call "unintrusive music." It does not crowd your space, does not invade your thoughts. It nudges them along. It does not tell you what to think or feel, it helps you think and feel, and then to imagine and dream. I know you called it "Dance Again" but I would also call it "Dream Again" because it is the type of music that lends itself to that most powerful of gifts God has given us: the imaging power of your heart. Great job and thanks for taking the time to give us this gift.

Tod Bell - worship leader, pastor, missionary, author and entrepreneur

In an age where more music than not is void of artistic content, it is so refreshing to hear a project which runs counter to the music momentum machine which pounds out marching orders for the large host of lemmings which dutifully follow the rank and file to the sea. David and Mark’s musical creation is like a calm clean river running through a busy city – a place of rest, reflection, and reality which takes you away from the challenges and complexities of this world.  Their music will usher you into a safe and calm oasis in a way that only real art can. I am very thankful there are musicians on this planet with the gift, vision, and perseverance to create art like David and Mark have done.

David DeLoach - musician and educator (


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